Outlook PST Recovery Software

Is your PST file corrupt? If you are unable to access your Microsoft Outlook attributes then it is an indication that Outlook PST file is damaged. PST corruption is not an issue which cannot be handled. One can overcome file corruption problem by making use of a robust recovery application such as Outlook recovery software which is a renowned tool to recover Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 safely. Don’t think that due to Outlook file corruption you lost access to all your Outlook attributes permanently. By making your Outlook file corruption free you can easily restore emails, contacts, tasks and many other Outlook items that are inaccessible. This is possible with the help of Outlook recovery software that can quickly recover Outlook emails by restoring Outlook PST file. If you are worried that you may miss any important meeting due to corrupt Outlook file then use Outlook recovery software to restore your calendar items with ease.

The reasons behind PST corruption are many. PST header corruption is one of the major reasons for .pst file corruption. A personal folder file or PST file comprises of a header which contains all the critical entries. This header is made up of hexadecimal bytes and it is accessed while opening a file. When this header gets corrupt then you will not be able to open your Outlook data. You will get some error messages when your PST header gets damaged. Errors like unable to display the folder, Outlook.pst could not be accessed and Outlook.pst is not a personal folder files are encountered when .pst header is broken. Application malfunction, incomplete version upgrade, operating system malfunction are some other reasons for .pst file corruption. Though all these factors corrupt your PST file severely you can still recover the broken file safely by using Outlook recovery software. If you have ever come across the scenario where you have deleted some of your essential Outlook Folders, then dont get worried as this Outlook Recovery Software help you to recover deleted folders from Outlook PST of all the oldest to latest versions

If you want to prevent loss of Outlook data then you must take certain steps which can help you to keep your Outlook file free from corruption. To protect your Outlook data you must install powerful antivirus software which will resist any virus from corrupting PST file. You must keep updating and running the antivirus tool to protect PST file.

Outlook recovery software is the best tool to restore Outlook 2010 contacts, emails, journals and other attributes. You can use this utility in case you lose PST file due to power failure, improper Windows shutdown, virus attack etc. PST files deleted accidentally from Windows 7, 2003, 2008 and XP can also be recovered by using Outlook recovery software. PST files lost due to compaction process can also be restored using Outlook recovery software. Recovering deleted Outlook files is easy and simple with the help of Outlook recovery software. Use Outlook PST recovery software and recover lost PST file by following the steps given below.

Outlook PST recovery Steps:

Step 1: Install Outlook recovery software in your computer and run it. From the main screen choose any one option among "Find PST File", "Select Outlook Profile" and "Open PST file" according to your requirement.

Outlook PST Recovery Software - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: After the file selection you need to choose any one among "Normal Scan" and "Smart Scan" options from the next screen. Once you choose any one option from these, scanning process will begin.

Outlook PST Recovery Software - Select the Mode of Scanning

Figure 2: Select the Mode of Scanning

Step 3: Wait till the scanning process gets completed. Then after the completion of scanning process you will get a new healthy PST file. Later preview the recovered emails and various other attributes of Outlook in the preview browser. At last you can purchase the tool if you are satisfied with its performance.

Outlook PST Recovery Software - Preview Recovered Outlook Attributes

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Outlook Attributes